EXO-UP: Treat Foot Drop Instantly

EXO-UP: Treat Foot Drop Instantly

The EXO-L UP is the world’s leading brace for foot drop. It’s different from any other brace because of its slim and discreet design, and it’s entirely custom-made for a perfect fit. It’s our #1 solution for foot drop for all ages with results unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Foot drop is severely limiting to the way you walk. When you can’t lift your toes to clear the ground, you become prone to tripping, falling - and serious injuries. Some adapt a new style of walking where they lift their knee up high on the affected foot to clear the ground, or they may swing it out to the side. This isn’t just inefficient but tiring, and can quickly exhaust your muscles - or even result in an overuse injury.

The EXO-L UP brace is the #1 leader for foot drop for all ages

The EXO-L UP brace flawlessly supports your foot as your toes are kept from dropping down. It is designed to work with your footwear - and your life - instead of forcing you to wear large, clunky and impractical boots or braces. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen or used before, which is why it’s our #1 solution for foot drop for all ages.

We’re successfully using the EXO-L Up for patients that are experiencing foot drop or foot and ankle weakness as a result of:

  • Strokes
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Lumbar nerve injuries
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neurological disorders (like those that cause muscular dystrophy)
  • Nerve injuries (can occur from sports, surgeries and even postural problems)

Freedom for those unhappy with their current foot drop boot or management

Large, rigid boots used to be the go-to for foot drop - because that’s all that was available. The EXO-L UP is now finally giving people that have struggled for years with the practicality of wearing their brace a comfortable and discreet solution - without compromising its effectiveness in the slightest.

One size does not fit all

A large point of difference of the brace is that it’s not a device that you pick up off the shelf, and cross your fingers that either the small, medium or large size will be the right fit for you. The EXO-L UP is entirely custom made from a 3D scan of your foot and a prescription by our experienced podiatrists.

Your comfort is our priority

Before this brace, a common pain point used to be that the way the brace would attach to the foot, or secure itself against the foot, which could be uncomfortable. The EXO-L UP secures itself against your shoe, eliminating this problem entirely.

Getting the brace

As the exclusive prescribers of both the EXO-L UP and EXO-L anti-ankle sprain brace in the Kingaroy region, we make getting the brace easy and simple. You come in for a consultation to make sure the brace will get you the results you want, we complete your assessment and 3D scan, and your brace is on its way to being engineered and delivered back to the clinic.

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