Podiatrist wanted due to clinic expansion

Keep getting locked down? Lock up and head over to join our team in Kingaroy, South Burnett. We’ve had no COVID lockdowns other than last year's state/nation lockdown. Due to high demand, we’re currently in the process of a brand new clinic expansion to have more space for our patients - and for a new podiatrist to join our easy-going team.

About you

This role is for a podiatrist that wants to be part of a genuine, friendly, people-centred and close-knit community here in South Burnett. You love the peace and quiet, the fresh air, the distinct lack of traffic, and gazing at the sky full of stars.

You’re sick of paying far too much for housing and living while earning too little for the hard work you put in. House prices of between $250,000-350,000 (2019 data) excite you. Above award wages (+ commission + super) excite you. The thought of raising your family in a slower-paced, tranquil and good-natured location, or spending your days getting hands-on in the outdoors, sounds like a dream.

At work, you’re stoked to still be challenged daily with a fully booked and varied caseload. You love working in a modern clinic with all the bells and whistles - yet home baking is regularly shared in the staff room. You’re keen to see a balanced mix of foot pain and orthotic patients, to patients needing gait retraining, shockwave treatment, ingrown toenail surgery and medical pedicures.

You want to be encouraged to pursue your career goals - and have a team to cheer you on as you tick these goals off, keep upskilling, growing and being mentored - and you get all that.

Want a flexible work schedule? Awesome, let’s discuss what we can make work, like a possible four-day schedule so you can enjoy a three day weekend every weekend. Feel like joining is part-time instead? Talk to us about it. Want to know that your team is hired based on their genuine character and values, because who you spend your days with and who cares for our patients really matters?

Still interested?
Now it's time to learn about us.

We love our community. We love people. We feel privileged to help our community with their foot health, mobility, and independence. We know that the care we provide matters.

We’re located 3 hours from Brisbane and 2 hours from Toowoomba. That’s close enough for easy travel - but not close enough to be locked down with them.

At work, we always do our best. We’re not perfect, and we don’t expect you to be. We’re always working on refining our processes, our culture, and the way we care for our patients. What’s important is that we’re all working towards the same goal, together. We grow together and adapt together. We don’t pretend challenges don’t exist - they absolutely do, and we overcome them together. We know that the true meaning of ‘winning’ at work is all winning together. We bounce new ideas together and explore new treatments together. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’ve been practising for 20 years or 20 days - we appreciate the unique outlook and ideas you have to add to the clinic.

Our clinic is expanding.

Which means we’re doing great. Our patients are stoked with their service. We’re booked out and need to make room for more. One more at this stage. And we’re wondering if that one might be you.

We’re accepting applications from both new grads and experienced podiatrists. As long as you have experience when it comes to upholding values and in your character and attitude, you’ll tick that box for us. You’ll have your Podiatry AHPRA registration (or are about to get it before starting), you’ll have a willingness to learn, you’ll be dedicated, and you’ll be an honest and caring person.


If you’re considering a position with us, let’s talk. It’s the easiest way to check if we tick each other’s boxes. Send an email to katharine@southburnettpodiatry.com.au, which includes your CV, a cover letter (that tells us about yourself beyond your academic and employment history), and, if you’d like, a video to introduce yourself. We love videos and getting to know you. Nothing fancy required, just a plain phone recording to say hi and help us get to know you.