Saving Your Ankles From Sprains: Brace For Innovation

Saving Your Ankles From Sprains: Brace For Innovation

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an ankle brace? Something along the lines of stiff, rigid or uncomfortable? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in thinking this, and thankfully, these are all the things the EXO-L brace is not.

We are very excited to introduce to you this innovative custom-made brace that offers you the freedom of movement at your ankle while being proven to prevent ankle sprains.

The EXO-L is intuitively designed for those:

  • With a history of ankle sprains
  • That are hypermobile at the ankle joint
  • Those with disorders that result in ligament laxity like Ehlers Danlos syndrome
  • Those with chronic ankle instability
  • Those in sports or recreational activities where there is a risk of ankle sprains that you want to prevent

Think Of It As A Seatbelt For Your Ankle

Think Of It As A Seatbelt For Your Ankle

It’s really a great analogy - your seatbelt gives you full, free movement while you’re sitting in your seat, but kicks in exactly when you need it at the moment of impact. This is the same intuition the brace uses, protecting you the moment you are about to roll your ankle, without restricting any movement beforehand.

Widely Used In Europe

The EXO-L has shown fantastic results across Europe and we’re excited to offer it here in Kingaroy. It is suitable for children, those in recreational sports, elite athletes, bushwalkers, and anyone with any instability or problem at their ankles.

For many, the EXO-L is their alternative to ankle surgery, creating a better environment for their ankles to recover and providing support, pain relief, confidence on their ankle and the assurance that their ankle injury won’t get worse by spraining it again while they continue to walk on it.

From Tradies To Nurses

It’s not just sportspeople that are benefitting from the action of this brace. It is widely used at work by those that spend long hours on their feet, run from room to room, or walk over uneven ground.

Made For Your Ankles

The EXO-L is custom-made for your ankles from a 3D scan, and Kingaroy is the only region in Queensland to offer this scanning service. After taking your 3D scan, your device is created by experts in Holland, 3D printed, and finally moulded and refined by hand for a perfect fit.

The device itself uses a bracing system combining an anchoring strap to your shoe, which then connects to the moulded support across the ankle. The straps can be tensioned for the desired support level.

Customised For Your Preferences Or Your Team

Customised For Your Preferences Or Your Team

You choose which colour you want for your brace and whether you want your name engraved on the side.

Book Your EXO-L Brace Scan

You can book directly for an EXO-L brace scan, or for an appointment that assesses your ankle and any pains you may have so we can use the EXO-L together with our other leading treatments to help repair any damage and get you the best results.

Book your appointment with our podiatrists in Kingaroy by calling us on 07 4162 7633.