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When your job involves standing for long hours, the last thing you need is foot or leg pain or discomfort holding you back. We work with a number of treatment modalities to help keep you feeling comfortable and stable on your feet throughout long shifts, on hard surfaces, while climbing stairs, and whatever else your work involves.

Reducing muscle tiredness

If the muscles in your feet and legs are sore and achy by the end of your day or shift, then you may not be absorbing shock effectively through the ground. An examination of the biomechanical function of your feet and legs, any restrictions in the range of motion of your joints, and a footwear assessment will help uncover the reasons you are experiencing this discomfort and will guide us as to the changes that are needed to improve the way you feel.

Helping work shoes feel more comfortable

Unfortunately, not all shoes that are “workplace appropriate” are “foot appropriate”.  If you’ve got footwear specifications that have you wincing on your feet, then we’ll work to help make them feel more comfortable with our in-shoe additions.

Recovering from injury

If you’ve suffered an injury to your feet or legs that is keeping you home from work, we’ll help you recover efficiently and put the right measures in place to reduce the risk of re-injury in the future.

Whatever the problem is - our team are experienced, knowledgeable and would love to help.

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