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Running Assessment

Remaining injury-free as a runner is a task only a very small proportion of people are able to achieve and that’s exactly what we help you do. By optimising your running technique so your feet and legs function efficiently and effectively, you give yourself the best chance of staying uninjured.

The longer you can run injury-free, the more consistently you can train and the better your results. 

Whether you are targeting a particular event, or resuming running following an injury, assessment of your gait and application of strategies to improve your technique will assist you in achieving an efficient and sustainable running stride. Our world-class Zebris gait analysis and Dartfish force/pressure analysis systems are the same systems used to analyse elite-level athletes and will change the way you move. Running assessments help to:

  • Increase running efficiency
  • Reduce the likelihood of sustaining injuries
  • Get rid of those consistent niggles and pains
  • Learn which technique drills, stretches and exercises will help with your technique
  • Get specific advice as to which running shoes will work best for your new technique

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