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Orthotics are medical devices that sit inside your shoes and change the way that the bones, joints and muscles of your foot function. This means that they have a fantastic ability to help in the treatment and management of a number of painful and frustrating lower limb problems.

How do orthotics work?

If you’re wondering how orthotics have the potential to help so many people with such a variety of pains and problems, you’re not alone! While many view a pair of orthotics as the same devices for everyone, the reality is far from the truth!

Think of orthotics like glasses. They are custom-made for you following a comprehensive assessment. Though they fall under the one term of ‘orthotic’ (just like ‘glasses’), they’re working in a specific way, specifically matched to the biomechanics of your feet, to achieve the specific function that your Podiatrist designed them for.

How do I get orthotics?

It all starts with your first (biomechanical) appointment in which you’ll discuss with your podiatrist the problems you’re experiencing. After getting a detailed history, they will then perform a biomechanical assessment, which includes:

  • Joint range of motion testing throughout the feet and legs
  • Muscle strength testing
  • Palpating the affected site to identify the damaged/impacted structures
  • Foot posture index
  • Gait analysis
  • Footwear assessment

Don’t worry - we’ll talk you through every step of the way so you know exactly what is happening, when and why.

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