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Neurovascular Assessments

There are so many blood vessels and nerves that run down the legs and to the feet! They’re responsible for our sensation - our ability to feel - as well as keeping our tissues healthy by supplying blood adequately to the feet. Neurovascular assessments check the status and function of your nerves and blood vessels so you know exactly what’s happening with your feet, and any risks that may be present. 

During a neurovascular exam, we assess:

  • The sensation around your feet
  • Your balance and proprioception
  • Your ability to differentiate hot and cold
  • Your capillary refill time
  • The pulses in the arteries of your feet using Doppler ultrasound
  • The general state of blood flow throughout your feet
  • Your foot health risks
  • Your probable rate of healing
  • Whether you have an increased risk of infection

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