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Medical Pedicure

Having your skin and nails well cared for is one thing - having it safely completed by degree-qualified foot professionals that following strict hygiene and sterilisation protocols is another. At South Burnett Podiatry, we combine both to give you exceptional podiatric skin & nail care for men and women alike.

When you have your skin and nails taken care of by our Podiatrists, you also get our years of expertise in the intricacies of optimal foot and leg care. We want the best for you - so while performing your medical pedicure treatment, are always looking for any warning signs that something isn’t quite right, and pointing out things you may not have noticed about your foot health. 

We offer this service both because of the need for knowledgeable foot care, as well as the advancing rate of fungal nail infections picked up in regular nail salons that fail to follow adequate hygiene standards.

During your medical pedicure, we:

  • Trim even the thickest and firmest of toenails
  • Remove any callus (hard patches of skin)
  • Clear the skin down the sides of the nail borders (sulci)
  • Remove any corns
  • Thin and smooth out thickened nails
  • Remove any yellow discolouration from the nail surface where present
  • Remove dry, flaky skin to leave skin feeling smooth and supple
  • File the nails
  • Hydrate your feet with a medical-grade moisturiser

Most of our medical pedicure clients come in to us every six to sixteen weeks for ongoing care and maintenance. The time between appointments very much depends on the problems you experience and the rate at which your nails grow. We can advise you of the best time for you during your appointment.

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