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Injury & Pain Management

Our feet perform an incredible job every day - sometimes absorbing the load and forces of over 20 times your body weight! You know what that means - the risk for pain and injury, whether you’re being active or not!

When injuries do occur, they can be extremely disruptive on our days, our work, our families and our lives. This is why we have a strong focus on helping you to recover from pain and injury, and have innovative treatments like shockwave available in our clinic to help you do so.

Your appointment

If you’re injured or experiencing pain, we’ll start by finding out exactly what’s going on and causing your pain. We’ll give you a diagnosis and explain exactly what it means. We’ll then work out the cause of your pain or injury, which sometimes is very straightforward - and other times, much more complex. We’ll then develop and personalised treatment plan and get you started on it!

We always stick by our goals to keep you healthy, active and doing the things you love - and use all the tools under our experienced podiatry toolbelt to help achieve this.

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