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Footwear Assessment

Our shoes are the ground that our feet feel. They can either stabilise and support our feet, or they can let them move around however they like - it all depends on you and the shoes you wear!

A footwear assessment is a standard part of all of our biomechanical assessments, and we encourage you to bring the pairs of shoes that you most often wear (work shoes, workout shoes, weekend shoes, etc). We will go through and assess the stability and support of these shoes against your foot type. We also look for wear marks on the shoes - which can already tell us a lot about your foot type!

Often, patients will already be able to recall that they feel more tired at the end of the day with certain footwear - occasional pain with others - and no symptoms with certain pairs.

While it’s not our job to tell you that you can’t wear certain shoes, what we do is recommend the best shoes throughout your recovery or to avoid injury when performing certain activities. For example, recommending the best joggers for your foot type when you go for your morning walks to help keep you comfortable and reduce how tired your feet feel at the end of the day.

Even making small changes can make a large impact on how tired you feel at the end of the day!


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