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55 Plus

As we get older, a lifetime of walking and keeping active can start catching up with us and our bones, joints and muscles and may not perform in the same way. When this happens, don’t worry - we have plenty of options to help improve your comfort and movement.

Adding stability, confidence and falls prevention

Many patients we see no longer feel stable on their feet and may have an increased risk of falling and injuring themselves. We perform a comprehensive biomechanical assessment to assess this risk and any inadequacies in movement and function that may be contributing to a level of instability. We’ll then assess your footwear and daily activities to come up with a management plan to help reduce your risk of falls and improve your movement confidence.

Improving comfort

With the wear and tear of our joints and the breakdown of the natural cushioning in our bodies, movement can get a bit more uncomfortable than what we were once used to. While we can’t reverse decades of use and damage, we can help redistribute forces and shock that moves through the feet and legs to improve your comfort. We can also recommend the best footwear to help you move comfortably and with confidence.

Still enjoying the sports you love?

That’s fantastic. We’ll do everything we can to keep you comfortably and happily performing in your favourite sports and activities for as long as possible.

Regular skin and nail care

For a large number of our 55+ patients, we perform 6-weekly skin and nail care appointments where we trim even the thickest of nails, reduce corns and callus, and help manage any other problem associated with the skin and nails. To learn more about our general care appointments, click here.

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