Katharine Butcher

Katharine Butcher

B. App. Sci (Pod), B. Health Studies, B. Business (HRM), M. APA
Principal Podiatrist & Director

About Me

If you’ve found yourself connecting with the vision, the passion and the fantastic culture behind South Burnett Podiatry - then you will have glimpsed an insight into Katharine’s goals, her drive - and her heart. Committed to delivering exceptional care that goes above and beyond to her South Burnett community, Katharine is proud to be enabling her patients to stay active and mobile, do the things they love, and dream big.

When it comes to her own big dreams, South Burnett Podiatry is one of her biggest, and she describes her 2018 purchase of the practice “a dream come true”. To Katharine, each new patient is as important as the last, and she has ensured that the clinic has a solid foundation of respect, integrity, trust and genuine care.

Katharine loves working with a variety of different patients - from complex heel pain patients, to those needing skin & nail care or diabetes assessments, helping to keep each group safe, feeling their best, and ensuring they have the right information about their health.

Aside from her Podiatry education, Katharine also holds degrees in Health Studies and Business, has been an active Rotary member for a significant portion of her life, has completed the RYLA leadership programme - and enjoys using her skills and time to give back to people and her community - as well as set the bar for Podiatry in Kingaroy.

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