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Foot Odour

Foot Odour

What causes foot odour?

Many adults and children suffer from odorous feet. Excessive sweating causing bacterial growth is often the main cause for foot odour, but it can also occur from fungal infections. Symptoms include:

  • Unpleasant smelling feet
  • Sweaty feet
  • Infections (bacterial or fungal)

How is foot odour treated?

To treat foot odour, first it must be determined whether the odour is being caused by bacterial infections, fungal infections, or both. Bacterial infections occur when bacteria begin to eat away at the top layer of the skin, producing the bad smell. For this type of infection, a visit to the doctor and a prescription of antibiotics should clear the infection.

Fungal infections, like Athlete’s Foot, can cause a myriad of issues that make the feet produce an odour, and can often be fixed with over the counter foot sprays or creams. 

When treating foot odour, always practice good hygiene by washing your feet daily and drying thoroughly. Wear clean socks and do not wear shoes without socks. If your feet sweat a lot, try a different type of sock that lets the foot breathe (natural fibres) or change socks frequently. If the smell persists, try washing or changing your shoes.

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