Medical Pedicures - Safe, Sterile, & Professional Foot Care

Medical Pedicures - Safe, Sterile, & Professional Foot Care

Treating your feet to some well-deserved pampering feels great. What feels even better? Knowing that it is being performed safely, under strict hygiene and sterilisation protocols, by board-registered health professionals that have dedicated their careers to caring for you and your foot health. This is exactly what we offer with our medical pedicures at South Burnett Podiatry.

So, what is a medical pedicure?

If the goal of a regular pedicure is to help your feet look and feel great, the goal of a medical pedicure is achieving this while keeping your health, both foot and body, as our priority. Our medical pedicures help to keep your feet healthy, while adding some elegance and pampering to the process.

The shocking truth

If you’ve been following the news on the other side of the ditch in New Zealand, you may already be familiar with the findings that 88% of nail salons failed to meet adequate disinfection and sterilisation standards. These standards simply dictate that appropriate measures are taken to clean and sterilise the salons and the tools they use - to minimise your risk of infection and other negative health outcomes

The truth is - and this is as real as it’s going to get - maintaining high hygiene and sterility protocols is time-consuming and expensive. Each tool we use on you must be steam sterilised for around two hours (in a sealed packet with a special sticker that tells us the success of the sterilisation process alongside a tracking number that we must document and keep). The temperatures reach over 200 degrees, and the instruments must be cleaned well even prior to this. And it’s not just the tools that we must control - it’s our whole environment - and it’s a large time and cost expense that many don’t want to pay for, especially as they’re not governed by a healthcare regulatory board like we are.

What does a medical pedicure include?

We start with a mineral foot soak, a stimulating foot scrub, debriding any corns or calluses (patches of firmer overlying skin), trimming your toenails, clearing your nail sulci, applying a revitalisation foot mask and finishing it off with a moisturising treatment and massage.
As an extra, you can have a 30-minute paraffin wax foot soak - it’s lovely, warm, and really rehydrates the feet. We highly recommend it for patients with arthritis in winter, as it helps their joints and gently soothes the feet.

Particularly important for those at high risk

If you’ve been told that your feet are “high risk”, having your feet taken care of professionally and in a sterile environment is particularly important. This is because with diabetes, neurological or neurovascular problems, you’re at a higher risk of injuring your feet and not being able to recover well - placing you at risk of a myriad of other (potentially serious) complications. 

Ready to feel great on your feet?

We’re ready to help you! To book an appointment, just give us a call on (07) 4162 7633 and come and experience our medical pedicures for yourself!