Kristy Hall

Podiatry Assistant & Admin

About Me

Kristy is our newest podiatry assistant and administrator. She’s a true local, having lived in Kingaroy for over 20 years. Kristy loves working closely with patients to help them with their health and foot care needs, and is motivated by all the new skills there is to learn to help patients feel their best in the rapidly growing field of podiatry.

Kristy’s kind and empathetic nature means she fits in perfectly to the caring and positive atmosphere in the clinic - and we love her organised nature, labels and all! Outside of work, Kristy is an avid plant lover and can’t wait to fill the waiting room with an array of plants for patients to enjoy. She also enjoys walks with her husky, and has built her dream home.

If you enjoy pistol shooting, you’ll likely also see Kristy down at the local range where she is starting to enter competitions, enjoying the precision and focus of the sport.

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