At South Burnett Podiatry We Provide The Following Services :

Diabetic Foot Health Checks

  • Full vascular (blood flow) and neurological (nerve) assessment.
  • Identification and risk assessment of potential foot problems
  • Footwear Assessment and advice
  • Skin and Toenail Check
  • Visual Gait Analysis

Dry Needling


Dry needling is a technique used to treat myofasical (trigger) points in muscles causing dysfunction and pain. Is involves the use of acupuncture needles inserted into directly into the trigger points ( it is not acupuncture ) to aid healing, relieve pain and improve function.

Foot Mobilisation


Foot mobilisation is a hands on technique that helps to restore the normal function and mobility of a joint so that muscles can work effectively around it. It can be used to treat foot, ankle, leg, knee and hip pain.

Biomechanical and Gait Assessment


Used in the initial assessment of all lower limb pain to determine if there is an underlying muscle or joint (musculoskeletal) problem causing the pathology. Involves muscle testing, joint range of motion testing and gait analysis (looking at walking patterns).

General Foot Care

Management and care for the following :

Skin: corns, callus, plantar warts, cracked heels, dry skin, wound (ulcer) care

Toenails: fungal, ingrown, damaged, thickened, deformed.

Footwear Prescription


Includes assessment of existing footwear, activity/occupation suitability and advice regarding choosing the most suitable footwear to meet your needs and optimise foot health.

Orthotic Therapy

We offer various tailored solutions regarding orthotic therapy as to best will meet your needs. We prescribe semi-custom ( heat mouldable) orthoses as well as full custom made foot orthoses.

Orthoses are a medical device that corrects your foot posture, enables optimum foot function. Orthoses are made after a thorough biomechanical assessment and scanning of both feet using the latest 3d scan technology.

Children Foot Assessment


We offer full children foot assessments for all ages. We commonly diagnose and treat problems such as ‘pigeon toeing’, flat feet, growing pains .

Medical Pedicure


Combining the luxury of a pedicure with the skills of a podiatrist. With our medical pedicure you can be assured of very high hygiene standards.

Our medical pedicure involves a mineral foot soak, skin and toenail care, revitalising foot scrub, hydrating foot mask followed by a moisturising foot massage.

Paraffin Wax Therapy

A paraffin wax foot bath is a therapeutic treatment whereby the foot is dipped into a pool of heated paraffin wax. The penetrating moist warm heat can help relieve pain and stiffness in foot joints, reduce muscle spasm and intensely moisturises the skin. It is great therapy for reducing pain associated with arthritis in the feet.
Is a lovely addition to our medical pedicure!

Foot Deformities

We can help with all lumps and bumps that may present on the feet such as hammer toes, curling toes, bunions etc.

We can recommend the best footwear, padding, aids , design exercise programs and we also offer a stretching service for shoes to accommodate those problem areas!
We can also custom mould protective devices to wear in shoe.

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